Home Budget For Dummies

Create your budget step by step
Track your income and spending
Make plans for your financial future
Home Budget For Dummies cd Interactive
Home Budget For Dummies booklet A friendly 144 page guide

for effectively managing your budget

to help you keep track of your finances

Establish your budget in mere minutes

Use the wizard to easily set up your budget one step at a time.Immediately check your balance by viewing the software’s automatic budget calculation..

Develop your financial plan

Use the planning tool to organize your expenses according to your cash flow. Plan your financial future and visualize your budget for the upcoming weeks, months, and years.

Get the best financial information

Use your Internet connection to quickly and easily access the best Web sites for financial information and advice online.

Download a module for checking your accounts!

Find out how to establish — and follow — a budget

Assess your regular income, recurring expenses,and needs. Plan for your long-term finances based on priorities and goals you set for yourself.

Resolve your financial concerns

Get a handle on your debts and resolve your overspending problems.Choose the right financial plans and effectively manage your investments so that you make a profit on your savings.

Manage your accounts more easily

What bank should you choose? How can you reduce your expenses? How do you lower your taxes? Discover useful tips and tricks for managing your personal finances more efficiently.

Bonus Section: A step-by-step user guide to help you quickly master the Home Budget For Dummies software



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