Family Tree For Dummies

Create and customize your family tree
Add scanned documents, photos, videos, and more
Print your family tree or make it a Web page
Family Tree For Dummies cd Interactive
Family Tree For Dummies booklet A friendly 128 page guide

for organizing your family history
in one family tree

to help you research your ancestry

Create customized family trees

Build your family tree and add a personal touch: choose the central person in the tree, ancestor- or descendant-style, cell shape and colors, the number of generations displayed, and so on.

Add personal information and sources

Create full records containing all the important information on individuals, such as date of birth, diplomas, names of children, and more. Include photos, scanned documents, audiovisual recordings, and so on..

Share your family’s history

Print out all your documents and show them to relatives during family reunions. Let the whole world know about your family’s history by putting your tree on a Web page or submitting it to an online database.

Save your information in GEDCOM format

Collect vital family records

Gather personal memories and family documents, and find out how to decipher birth records, court records, military records, and so on.Discover all kinds of genealogical archives and resources to build your family tree.

Explore your geographical roots

Trace your ancestors using personal and public records, visit genealogical and historical societies, surf geographicspecific Web sites, and follow travel routes on maps.Get ready to hit the road and track down the places where your family used to live.

Conduct effective research

Follow expert tips on organizing and sharing information to make your research easier.Also discover ten useful online databases (such as the Social Security Death Index and Bureau of Land Management records) for gathering information.

Bonus Section: A step-by-step user guide to help you quickly master the Family Tree For Dummies software



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