Resumes And Cover Letters For Dummies

Create resumes step by step for any position
Write eye-catching covers letters
Track your resume distribution and replies
Resumes And Cover Letters For Dummies cd Interactive
Resumes And Cover Letters For Dummies booklet A friendly 144 page guide

to give you a winning chance to land that job!

for creating effective resumes and cover letters

Write your resumes and cover letters as easily as you write ABC

Use wizards to create your resumes and cover letters in mere minutes.Add a personal touch by exporting your documents to your usual word processing program.

Make your job skills stand out

Browse through the resume templates (young graduate,chemical engineer,sales director,and so on).Check out the annotated templates to avoid any pitfalls.Turn the spotlight on your education and experience instead.

Manage your job-search progress

Work with the fully intuitive tool for managing your contacts and recording your interview appointments. Save time by using the integrated mailing tool to send your job-search strategies documents.

Check out the module on how to effectively prepare for your interviews

Sell your skills and job experience

Check out the different characteristics (chronological, functional,targeted,linear,and so on) in the resume templates and add the right information in each section to make your job profile stand out, whatever your experience.

Write a cover letter that pops!

Carefully craft your cover letter, appropriately fill in the various sections (introduction, middle and conclusion) and choose wording that’s sure to attract the attention of recruiting consultants anywhere.

Enhance your job-interview chances

Fing out what information you want to highlight, whether to hand-write or type your letters, the pros and cons of making contact by e-mail, and so on. Also check out the generally accepted job-search strategies and follow the countless tips and tricks for

Bonus Section: A step-by-step user guide to help you quickly master the Resumes & Cover Letters For Dummies software



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